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"I know I can always count on Mecca for fast and outstanding support, even at 1:30 AM! You really saved my butt tonight."

-- Rich
Boynton Beach, Florida

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"Four seconds is the maximum length of time an average online shopper will wait for a Web page to load before potentially abandoning a retail site." This is according to research done by Jupiter Research for Akamai; see their press release here. This means that the speed of your web hosting provider is critical in order to avoid lost sales.

All of our servers are optimized for best performance. We never host websites and e-mail on the same server, as they are two very different services. Our web servers are designed to be the best at displaying websites and our e-mail servers at managing e-mail messages. Your website will never get bogged down when a large amount of e-mail messages are received. We only use the fastest connections to the Internet and also use caching and compression techniques to help make your website load faster.

We only use the best technology for our hosting services. All our servers utilize solid-state hard drives (SSD) with the latest Xeon processors. Our data centers have four 40Gbps connections to the Internet for a total available bandwidth of 160Gbps -- enough to stream over 13,000 1080p movies simultaneously

Our average support response time for the week ending 14 July 2024 was 27 minutes and 11 seconds, and 2 hours and 53 minutes for escalations to engineering but most importantly, the average resolution time for the week ending 14 July 2024 was 7 hours and 26 minutes We are able to achieve this by only hiring well-trained expert support staff; you will always be dealing with the highest level support person. We don't waste any time assuming that the issue may be something on your end; rather, the issue is immediately investigated to check and verify that every part of your service is working correctly first. We also use a web-based messaging system, which means we can receive your messages faster than e-mail. All of these things help make Mecca Hosting's problem resolution times one of the fastest in the business.


One new Mecca Hosting customer saw a 250% increase in business from the same amount of advertising due to the better reliability of Mecca Hosting's service over their previous hosting company.

All of our servers are located in data centers with triple-redundancy; this means that there are 3 separate connections to the Internet and 3 diesel generators to provide power in the event of an outage. The servers are specially designed to restart any failed services automatically within a fraction of a second. Our servers are also constantly monitored every 30 seconds from other servers in other areas of the country to ensure reliability.

The web servers and e-mail servers at Mecca Hosting are not hosted in the same city, which means that no event could affect both servers simultaneously. We guarantee our 99.9% service uptime in writing or we'll refund money back to you for the month in question. Our competitors often mention they have "network uptime guarantees", but this is not the same as a service uptime guarantee. The truth is that network outages are almost never responsible for service downtime. We can also provide high availability website services upon request, where service guarantees of 99.99% and even 99.999% can be provided.

Our web-based messaging system stores all messages in a database system, which means that your messages will never be lost. It also means that there is a permanent record of all of your communications, which you always have access to.


Our servers are all protected by custom-designed security systems that are built to defend against most types of attacks on the servers and services that we host. We are also able to provide better security by separating web and e-mail servers, as security measures can be specifically tailored to each server type. We also use intrusion detection systems that monitor all traffic to and from the server for any suspicious activity.

Our web-based messaging system can be used from within our account management system where all of your messages are delivered over the highest available encryption and are also password-protected for greatest security. This means that you can provide us with whatever information is needed without concern or worry over who may be able to view it.


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